Monday, September 10, 2012

I want to remember...

Last week one of my favorite scrapbook gurus posted in her blog, "I want to remember...", and then she posted random everyday things about her kids.  I loved this idea.  I always have a really hard time journaling in my scrapbooks and writing blog entries. By using those four words I think I can write our family stories much better.  I won't have just scrapbooks filled with birthdays and holidays but actual everyday stories that make my family who they are.  So here is the first in what I hope will be any entries.

What I want to remember about this weekend and today:

This weekend we went to the a geocaching event, the Fall Picnic at Lieber State Recreation Area. Not only was it a great weekend with friends and family but it made for some wonderful memories.
From this weekend I will remember these moments the most.
  • Lindsay was the leader of one of the kids GeoSurvivor events and she was so encouraging with her younger teammates. She really makes a great big sister and is so sweet with kids that are younger than her.  It makes me wonder if she wouldn't make a wonderful teacher.
  •  Jordan made a wonderful new friend, Kellan.  We had never met his parents before, so we made new friends as well.  Jordan and Kellan were almost inseparable when we got back to the campground and are going to keep in touch over the internet.  Neither one of them have stopped talking about the other. I love had easy my kids make friends.
  • Sunday morning Katie, Dave, Fred, Bernice and Daryl and I sat around just chatting.  I love the fact that I could have cared less if my hair was done or not.  We just sat around and shared great conversation.  We also had wonderful stories around the campfire the night before.  It is so hard for us to even go to bed when we are having such a wonderful time.
Lindsay encouraging her younger teammate