Monday, October 14, 2013

Down 10lbs and counting!!!

Today I had to weigh in because I start a new weight loss challenge with a bunch of friends that is going to take us through the holidays. I am really hoping to take home the cash on this one! I am down 3.4% of my body weight. Which is awesome!!! And that is the only awesome news right now.

Over the weekend I took my first quizzes for my new class - Business Statistics. And let me just tell you...this class is going to suck! It is really really hard. And the professor is really tough. The good news is he lets us take the quizzes and even the final TWICE! That really helps. He also gives us a hint if we got a question wrong, so you know where you have ventured off the wrong path. The first quiz I got 5/10...after the second attempt I got 8/10. On the second quiz I got 9/10...and that made me feel a whole lot better. He also doesn't use the book so I have to print out giant power point lectures to go through. This week there is 5 lectures! It's going to be a long 5 weeks.

Some other not so awesome news is Dave is in the hospital with an infection on his foot. He gets these frequently but this one was not helped with antibiotics. After two days of me basically bitching for him to be seen he finally went to the emergency room. And as I suspected, they admitted him. What I did not expect was for them to think it was flesh eating bacteria. After an MRI it turned out not to be (thank goodness). I can not begin to tell you the scary thoughts that were running through my mind. Like what if he had to have his foot amputated or even if he died. It was a rough day yesterday. And neither Jordan or I slept much last night. Hopefully we will have more good news today.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Making changes

I think God sent me a wake up call on September 13th this year. It just happened to be a Friday. I was coming home from work, taking my usual path and a lady ran a red light and slammed into my car. I was spun 90 degrees and two of my tires lifted off the ground before slamming back down. I was so thankful the car didn't roll over. Someone from a business came out who had seen the whole thing came out and told the police what she had seen. I was so thankful that she actually looked up and noticed the lights. My car was damaged slightly, she hit right on the rear tire, but I ended up with whiplash. I have since been to the chiropractor at least a dozen times. At first I was really depressed about the pain and also about missing a weekend we had planned with friends to go kayaking. But as I have started getting better I have decided that maybe God was trying to tell me something.
About a week before the accident I stepped on the scale was just devastated at the number. How could that even be possible? I stepped off and on several times thinking the scale had to be crazy...but yep, there it was in black and white, I was 10 pounds from the weight I said I would never ever see...I weighed 290 lbs!!  After the accident I turned to my normal stupid comfort foods and spent way too much time laying around feeling sorry for myself. And then I don't know if my brain had just had enough or what but a switch was thrown. The next day was Senior Night for my son's soccer team and I had to take pictures. With every snap of my camera I could only think that next year I would have to walk across that field and hug my son, and I wanted him to be proud that I was his mom. I wanted to feel and look good walking across that field. The next day I started trying to figure out how I was going to get this done. I knew my weakness was afternoon lunch. I hate coming home and not knowing what I am going to eat. I also hate having to take a long time to make it, because if I am hungry I will snack while I'm making lunch. So I decided I would get some frozen meals to start and see if that helped. I have had a couple of set backs. Sunday morning being one of the worst as Dave always brings home muffins and donuts in the morning. But overall I have done pretty well. I joined Weight Watchers Online this week and have been very good about tracking my food and water. And just for the heck of it I actually got some activity in as well! I stepped on the scale today, even though I'm not supposed to weigh until Tuesday...and I am down 10 lbs! I am thrilled! I feel pretty good and have started changing some habits, like eating breakfast, getting enough sleep. The Weight Watchers website really helps with making little changes. I am not one that  takes to changes very easily, but I am really hoping that with baby steps I can be successful! I also joined a weight loss challenge with some friends, so that should help keep me motivated also!