Friday, April 4, 2014

Can it possibly be a month?!

On March 3rd I headed to the gym for the first time in a very long time. I was nervous and felt a bit dumb since it had been so long. But I got out of bed and went anyway. I got up at 5 AM...which for me is basically the middle of the night. I got on the treadmill and thought for sure I was going to die. I walked for about 30 minutes and called it a day. For the next week I went to the gym every single day. Frankly, I was scared to miss a day because I was afraid I wouldn't go back. But the time eventually came that I missed a day. And you know what...I did go back. But I was also a little frustrated because I didn't seem to be losing much weight. That first week I did nothing but walk on the treadmill, and think about how the weight machines were freaking me out. But on day 8 I decided that I needed to try the weight machines, so I did. It was ok, And I started working them into my workout. I still wasn't losing much weight. So I began researching and asking people at work. One guy suggested that I needed to change up my routine. And I had read on the internet that sugar could also be the culprit. So I decided sugar was out, and I needed to change my workout. I added biking and still worked out on machines, even adding in the Ab Coaster once, which I felt ridiculous on. The week of sugar free sucked! OMG I thought for sure I would die. But I made it. I couldn't believe I made it...and I am still pretty much sugar free. And you know what's really funny...I don't miss it. I thought I would die without it. But I haven't I am still here.

My other big accomplishment this week is I got on the elliptical. I have been staring at that machine all month, and I swore there was no freaking way I would ever be coordinated enough to get on it and not look like a complete dumb ass.Well I threw caution to the wind this week and got on. It was awkward, don't get me wrong. The first time I last 11 minutes. That was two days ago. Today I was on the elliptical for 20 minutes! I can't tell you what a major accomplishment this was for me. I had never ever wanted to get on that machine in public...but I did it. And I have started losing weight again.

One other big change for me is that I gave up Weight Watchers. It worked for the first 20 lbs, but it had stopped working and I needed something different. So I checked another program and decided on My Fitness Pal, which is FREE! It shows me not how many points, but how many calories I have going in and out on a daily basis. It also has the nutrition value added in so I can see where I am over on certain things (mainly salt) and where I needed to add more stuff (mainly protein). It also links to my Fitbit, which I have a love/hate relationship with. One day I love it, the next day I want to throw it out the car window. Like today, I was on the elliptical for 20 minutes, sweating like crazy and it registered 1 activity minute. Whatever! It does not work well on the elliptical or biking. Tomorrow I am going biking. And I think I am going to attach it to my shoe. Maybe that will help.  Yeah, you read that right..I am going biking! I have no doubt my rear is going to be so sore on Sunday, but I don't care. I have a bike rack on my car, I ordered a clip for my GPS and a saddlebag and I am going out with several of my friends and we are going to place caches along a trail. A year ago I would have never considered making this trip. And not only am I going, but I am going alone. Dave and the kids are staying home, no safety net for me. I am excited.