Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weight loss update

After posting yesterday with the Pintester movement it reminded me that I haven't posted an update in a while about the weight loss. It seems to be going fairly well. Halloween was a bad time as the candy called out to me...but I have still managed to keep losing. Right now I am at a total of 17 lbs lost since I started. I have started to incorporate strength training and I am really curious to see how that helps reshape my body.

Everything else in life seems to be going pretty well. Lindsay is starting to cheer for her new school and is already looking forward to high school. With her heading to high school next year it will mean that it is Adam's senior year and we will be looking to start a whole new chapter with him away at
college. I am not ready for that at all! This year just seems to be going way too fast for me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pintester - HO HO HO edition - Christmas ornaments

I found myself with a little time to do some Pinterest crafts and of course Pintester has a challenge for us! BTW - if you have not read Pintester's blog or watched her must do so NOW! Here is a link for you:

So, I decided that one ornament was not enough and I must have three different ornaments to complete. Yes, I was an overachiever, especially when I found out I also had to make 14 cheer bows on the same day. The men were happy I was occupied elsewhere so they could watch college basketball.

Here are the Pinterest pins I decided to take on:

The first thing I did was gather the supplies to make three different kinds of ornaments
We have glass ornaments, crayons, pom poms, glitter, mop & glo and a hair dryer
You were supposed to use Future instead of Mop & Glo, but in true Pintester fashion I improvised.
The first ornament we tried was glitter ornament
The first thing you want to do is add the Mop & Glo to the inside of the ornament and swirl it around.

Then you just let the extra drain out. As you can see this is a very kid friendly craft.
The next step is to add your glitter. I am very happy to report I made two of these ornaments and did not have a dining room filled with glitter afterwards. (SCORE!)
Swirl the glitter around and it will cover the everywhere the floor cleaner was on the inside of the ornament. After that you empty out the extra glitter and put the top back on and you are done!
My lovely daughter Lindsay models
The next ornament is a little bit trickier and I will warn you right now...get out the gloves! Those glass ornaments get freaking hot! The first thing we did was take the paper off of the crayons, we used Crayola brand because I had read several reviews that they seemed to work the best.

Next you chop them up in little pieces and add them to the inside of the ornament

And then you heat - with gloves!

As you heat the crayon and it starts to melt start turning the ornament to coat.
Finished project
We also did a blue and green one that kind of turned out looking somewhat like the earth
The third ornament we did was the easiest one yet! My daughter chose this one because it looked super easy and it really was the easiest thing ever. We purchased some glittery pom poms and stuffed them in there. It doesn't get easier than that! But it did inspire me to make some ornaments for the cheerleaders. I am going to put red, white and black pom poms in ornaments and add a megaphone charm and bow to the top for a sweet gift for each cheerleader.

Here is a picture of our finished projects - not a very good one since I had handed off my camera to my 10 year old son.