Thursday, January 5, 2012

About to embark on a journey

I feel like since this is my first post I should introduce myself, but maybe I will just ramble on and you will get to know me as I write. 
I realized today I am about to start on a couple different journeys and I desperately want to succeed at each one.  The first one is my last semester at Ivy Tech before I transfer over to Indiana Tech to continue my quest for a MBA.  The second is finally getting down to a healthy weight.
The first one doesn't phase me too much as I have already completed my first full time semester.  My books are sitting right here at my side and I am ready to dig in with gusto.
The second one is much more scary.  I have tried to lose weight so many times and I am terrified I will fail yet again. However, I feel that somehow I am ready for this step. I am starting the Dukan diet which seems to be very doable.  I will start on Monday.  I currently weigh about 275 lbs and I would like to see 150.  That is 125 lbs to take off.  I am hoping to have lost 80 of those by the end of July.  I so desperately want to go to Midwest Geobash under 200 lbs.  I want to be able to go out there and hike with everyone and not get winded.  I want to really be engaged in my life and enjoy every minute.  Right now my back hurts, my knees hurt and I know I am on a collision course with diabetes.  I must do this.  Now is the time.  I don't want to be the fat mom picking my kid up from high school. I want to be the cool mom.  I can do this.  I didn't think I could do well last semester with full time classes and I did wonderful.  It is now time to take care of me. It is time to love me and take this bull by the horns.  It is time to take off this stupid fat suit so people can see me for who I am.

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