Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is it all worth it...

I was buried under a mountain of homework tonight and it was really hard to be motivated. It made me wonder and question if I am on the right path.  Is all this worth all the trouble? Is getting my MBA really going to make that much difference in my life? Is it worth all the headaches?  Is it worth all the weekends I am trapped in front of this computer working and working?  I certainly hope so. At least I finished, and I am hoping to come up with a better plan next week to make it work better.

As for as weight loss goes, I am struggling.  I don't want to start over. I don't want to gain any weight back, but for some reasons I am craving sugar this week.  It is such a freaking bummer.  I am sure it is stress, but I hope it goes away soon.  I am down 11 lbs and don't want to go backwards.

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