Sunday, March 18, 2012

The summer of 2012

I have spent this weekend basically just doing homework. I had planned to go on  geocaching run to the Summer Picnic site, but with so much homework I knew I needed to stay home.  And it was pretty annoying to have to be a grown up.  I have had to put off many things while I have been in class because I just really haven't had the time to do things I really want to do.  And then last week I was watching Biggest Loser and they interviewed Kim and it was like they were talking about me.  She does things for everyone else and never makes time for herself.  Not to mention she grew up very poor and having food in the house now makes her feel secure.  My childhood was much like that, and it does make me feel better that there is actually food in the house.  So it is obvious to me I have a long walk still to go on my path. 

So I have decided that this summer (since I am not taking summer classes) it is going to be the summer of me.  I am going to do creative things that I love. I am going to actually exercise for me and work through these stupid childhood scars. I really love my life right now except for this weight issue, which is obviously a childhood scar.  This summer is going to be for me. 

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