Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pintester Movement - May 30th Vootbeer float

I had planned to do something completely different today. But after a really long day at work. I also was in New Orleans last week and it would be nice to have a cocktail tonight. So I decided I would try a fun little drink.
All you need is 2 oz of vanilla vodka, root beer, ice, whipped cream and a cherry. Well guess who didn't have whipped cream or cherries? Not to mention who wants ice in the float? I wanted ice cream. So I decided to improvise a little. I added ice cream and left out the whipped cream and cherries.
I even found a wide mouthed mason jar to add a little special touch.
Here is the finished project:
The only bad thing about this drink is that I shouldn't have had any dinner. It was very rich and filling! NAILED IT!!!!

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  1. As if rootbeer floats could get any better!

  2. Yours is prettier. I love the look of the three different layers!