Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crazy but fun weekend!

Our first camping trip of the season was last weekend.  We had planned to go to Mounds State Park, but we changed our minds because a situation happened that made us all want to really be together rather than split up over a couple of parks. 
As the trip approached I found out that I was going to have to have the kids but my ex-husband had something going on.  This was going to prove interesting since Adam had a math thing at IPFW and Lindsay had a volleyball tournament.  But I decided that changing the trip to Pokagon State Park with our friends would solve the problems.  I would be close enough to return home to get Lindsay and Adam on Saturday. And then I started watching the weather forecasts...it was not looking good.  It was supposed to be very cold with chances of rain and even sleet.  I just told everyone to pack warm and see what happens.  And on top of all that I also knew the next week after our trip was going to be Finals week and I would be overloaded with studying, and I had a huge project I needed to get done for Holy Cross. But with all that going on I decided a relaxing weekend was on the agenda.  I worked hard all week to get all my homework complete so I didn't have anything left over when we got home.  It took me until Thursday night, very late, but it was done.  I got home on Friday, we packed the cars, waited for Jordan to get out of school and away we went.
The first thing we realized was that we had forgotten a tent.  So Dave and I set up Jordan's tent and headed into town.  We started at Walmart, but I was not impressed with their selection.  However, on our way out we find dishes that match our current set that Target had discontinued.  Finally!  We now have enough plates that match for everyone.  Bought the plates, Jordan a pair of jeans (I forgot his clothes), and headed over to Dunham Sports.  We found an 11 person tent for $120!  It was huge.
We went back to camp and set it up.  I felt like I needed a road map to find my way around. 
Since there were so many of us, 20 in all, we had teamed up with everyone and Katie's stepmom agreed to cook meals if we all chipped in ingredients...DEAL!  She put out an amazing spread and we ate like kings all weekend long.  We socialized around the fire, dodged the rain and sleet - it did downpour on Saturday morning and had a great time.  I traveled back home to pick up Lindsay and Adam.  Since it was so cold on Saturday, and pouring I decided to just come home in my pajamas and take a shower here at home.  That was really nice.  I also was able to pick up an extra air mattress for Amber since her's had sprung a leak.
All was going well, it was cold, but nothing that couldn't be managed.  We started packing up on Sunday and Fred noticed that there was something wrong with the truck.  He had broken a brake line, and if that wasn't bad enough, he was towing their trailer.  Thank goodness he found it at the campground and not on the Interstate.  Amber had Gold AAA which would get the truck towed back to Fort Wayne, and the tow driver even hooked up their trailer!  Because we had driven separately we had room for Fred, Katie and Jeremiah to ride back with us.  It just shows how things work out.  We all worked together to make things happen. 
All in all it was a really good weekend with a few unexpected events, but we made it work!

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