Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our GeoWoodstock X Adventure part 1

I think I am going to try something a little different with this blog.  I am going to start writing about some of the trips we have been taking. 

This last weekend we headed down to Sellersburg, IN for GeoWoodstock X.  For those that don't know we are geocachers, which means me use multi-million dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods.  We have a lot of fun and meet some wonderful people.  GeoWoodstock is a Mega-event, which means more than 2500 people will be descending on a little town in Indiana.  It was very close to Louisville, so we spent some time there as well. 
Our Friday night began with the Miles of Smiles event where we could pick up our registration packets and t-shirts.  The bag we got was pretty cool, had geocache containers, logs and our laynards for our tags.  We also got pathtags and our badges.  We headed over to get our t-shirts, and were none too thrilled to find out that the t-shirts were solid black.  OMG - the forecast for Saturday was supposed to be 98 degrees!  I will not be wearing that shirt on Saturday.  Oh well, it's good for other times.

 This is the event as we approached from the North.  We had to drive around the block to find parking. 

 The big blow up sign! GeoWoodstock! We finally made it. 

 This is one of the smilies. They had the streets lined with them and all you had to do was follow the signs.  They also had them set up for the next day, which was good because it would have been tough to find otherwise.

 This is Jon, myself, Dave, Brian, Michelle, Angie, Tim and Heather having dinner at Rocky's.  They had wonderful food.  And even though I was not too thrilled about sitting outside, I was certainly glad we did since we had this wonderful view of Louisville.  Of course, no trip is complete without Brian showing us his boobs.

 On Saturday with the temperatures soaring we headed into Sellersburg for the main event.  We knew it was going to be hot, but you just don't know how freaking hot until you are standing in a field with very little cover.  Thank goodness for the sno cone vendor and little bits of shade here and there.  Even with some shade I was done by 2:30, I had wanted to stay much later but just didn't have it in me.
 You can barely see them, but up on the hill they spelled out GeoWoodstock X in huge letters.  The balloon was here for awhile, but even the heat put that down within a couple hours.
 Signing the 3D log. 

 Larry Davis aka Super Genius as Signal the Frog  He was so animated and fun.

Saturday night brought another meet up with friends for dinner.  After a nice cool shower I researched some places to eat and came up with Buckhead Mountain Grill.  We piled in there for some refreshments and pretzel bread and were good to go.
 The pretzel bread with beer cheese was pretty yummy, but huge portions!
 Alex smiling behind his pacifier in his sleep.  We were at dinner for over two hours and he was perfectly content.  He had some bananas, a bottle and when it was time for us to eat he was fast asleep. 

 The very tired, scorched crew.

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